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The Ultimate Revelation of the Bitpie Wallet

If you're a Bitpie Wallet user, you've likely heard about the upcoming hard fork and the upcoming upgrade to the Ethereum "Istanbul" mainnet. You've also probably heard about the Bitpie Airdrop, which will give you a chance to get some TRX for free. But what's all of this mean?

Bitpie Wallet's hard fork

The Bitpie Wallet's hard fork has caused quite a stir, with a lot of users upset with it. The hard fork is scheduled for February 4th, and Bitpie Team is already preparing for it. During the hard fork, BSV Send/Receive functions will be suspended and then reactivated once the network has stabilized. After the fork, the Bitpie Wallet will support the "Istanbul" upgrade from Ethereum, though the upgrade time will depend on the amount of blocks generated on the network.

Its support for Ethereum "Istanbul" upgrade

The Bitpie Wallet is ready to support the Ethereum "Istanbul" upgrade. This upgrade is scheduled to happen on February 4, 2020. It will cause some server hardware issues, so users may encounter problems while using Bitpie during the upgrade. During this time, users will be unable to send or receive transactions.

Its upgrade to SAFE mainnet

Bitpie Wallet has finished testing and upgrading to SAFE mainnet. The upgrade is timed to be completed in the next few weeks. During this time, Bitpie will cease all ZEC deposits and withdrawals, and will only allow deposits and withdrawals from SAFE mainnet. After the upgrade,Bitpie Apple version ,Bitpie money Is the package safe , Bitpie will resume ZEC deposit and withdrawal services. The company will announce a specific date and time when this will happen.

The Bitpie crypto wallet is an application for smartphones that offers a mobile interface with multi-chain support. It is compatible with the most popular blockchain mainnets in the world and supports all stable currencies. Its features include a built-in exchange and the ability to give and receive crypto assets. Moreover, the Bitpie wallet has a recovery seed that can be used to recover lost private keys or restore the wallet to another smartphone.

Its airdrop with TRON (TRX)

Tron is a blockchain-based, decentralized entertainment ecosystem that empowers consumers and content creators by offering a marketplace that's free and transparent. The platform's distributed storage means that users can upload and sell content directly on the network, and all payment is directly deposited into their wallets. Tron is powered by the cryptocurrency TRONIX, which is ERC-20-compliant. Users need to have a TRX-compatible wallet in order to participate in the airdrop.

The Bitpie Wallet: Whether you're using Windows, Linux, Mac, you can use it to manage and store your TRX. It offers support for many digital assets and is compatible with all operating systems. The wallet can help you transfer ERC-20 tokens to the TRX mainnet.