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BitPie Review - A Mobile-Only Cryptocurrency and Wallet

BitPie is an app that is a mobile-only cryptocurrency and wallet that provides users with a safe, secure way to store their cryptocurrency. The app features a password-protected account and encrypts the data stored in the wallet. It also provides a recovery seed. The app is largely suited for small holders and active traders.


BitPie is a cryptocurrency and wallet app that can be used on mobile devices. The app supports many types of cryptocurrencies, including the ERC20 tokens. It also supports EOS, a block chain altcoin. Its security features include a strong password and encryption of stored data. It does not store your cryptocurrencies on the company's servers and limits personal data collection.

The BitPie app is simple to use. It has a simple onboarding process that makes it beginner-friendly. The app also has simple processes for receiving and sending cryptocurrencies. It is one of the easiest crypto wallet apps to use, which means it's easy for beginners to get started. Additionally, the app is relatively secure and has built-in crypto exchanges. It also gives users complete control over their digital assets.

Oasis Protocol

BitPie is a mobile-only cryptocurrency wallet application that is available for iOS and Android smartphones. It supports all the main blockchains and most stable currencies. The app is highly secure and enables you to use a multi-character password to access your funds. It also limits the amount of personal data it collects.

BitPie offers multi-blockchain support, a user-friendly onboarding process, and easy-to-understand processes for receiving and sending cryptocurrencies. The application also includes an inbuilt crypto exchange and allows users to borrow and lend coins.


Bitpie is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports a wide range of blockchains, making it suitable for nearly everyone in the industry. It offers support for most of the major blockchains, as well as a wide variety of EVM chains. Using the wallet to store your crypto assets is easy and free.

BitPie uses secure encryption to protect your private keys and prevent hackers from accessing your account. The company offers a wide range of security features, including a multi-character password and a recovery seed to ensure privacy and security. Additionally, the app has a high level of privacy, meaning that it will not reveal your private keys to third parties.

Security features

BitPie is an industry-leading multi-blockchain wallet with an intuitive interface and a robust security system. Founded in 2015 by Bither,Bitpieapp ,Bitpie download link , a blockchain technology company, the platform is aimed at both novice and experienced crypto investors. Its security features include military-grade encryption and multi-character passwords. The company also limits the amount of personal data collected from its users.

The Bitpie crypto wallet supports multiple blockchain networks and has inbuilt crypto exchanges. It's user-friendly and relatively secure and can support hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it gives you complete control of your digital assets.