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【Bitpie positive Bitpie download】A Brief Review of 10 Clever Ways to Get Your Bitpie Wallet

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A Brief Review of 10 Clever Ways to Get Your Bitpie Wallet

Whether you are new to the world of digital currency or are already an expert, the Bitpie Wallet can help you with your crypto-currency needs. Using Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (HDW) and Multi-Signature technology, Bitpie allows you to buy and sell digital currencies on the Online Blockchain. Your private key is yours to keep and you can withdraw your funds at any time. The security of your assets is the primary focus of Bitpie.

Create an Oasis account

To get started,Bitpie wallet official version , create an Oasis account. You will be asked to set a password for the wallet. In addition, you will be given a backup key phrase. If you forget this, you can restore your funds by following the security instructions.

Verify seed phrase

Once you have downloaded the Bitpie wallet app to your phone, you will need to verify your seed phrase. You will be asked to type in a phrase of 12 words that will be stored in the wallet. It is important that you remember this seed phrase and not reveal it to anyone. You should also store this phrase on a backup medium and do not show it to others.

Import assets into Bitpie

The Bitpie wallet lets users import their existing assets. The wallet supports seed verification and you can easily redeem assets that have been sent to the wrong address. This wallet also uses HD wallet technology to keep your assets safe. Once you've imported your assets into the Bitpie wallet, you can see a 12-word phrase that represents your private key. If you lose your device,Bitpie money Is the package safe , you can use this code to recover your assets.

Vote in Bitpie

Voting for Bitpie rewards participants with revenue. You can vote using your Bitpie tokens by calling the voting function from your wallet address or by creating a new wallet address. Voting rewards will be given to participants on the 20th of the month. Once the voting process is complete, your Bitpie tokens will be locked and you cannot withdraw them at any other time. You will have to wait 20 days for them to be returned to your PieBank account.

Invite others to use Bitpie

You can invite other people to use Bitpie by following a few simple steps. First, update your Bitpie wallet to the latest version. Then, go to the Activity Main Page and find the Invite Others button. After you've successfully invited other people to use Bitpie, you'll be able to send them the EOS Free Account Creation Coupon and EOS Resource Help Coupon.

Receive ROSE tokens in real-time

Bitpie is the first mobile wallet for ROSE tokens on the Oasis Network. It supports iOS and Android. It shows you the balance of your ROSE, as well as the deposit and stake addresses. You can also see who has staked your tokens.